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"Na meer dan 10 jaar ervaring als kinesitherapeute in België, verbleef ik 3 jaar in China. Gefascineerd door de Oosterse visie op wellness en gezondheid, volgde ik in Shanghai een opleiding tot yogacoach (Yoga alliance certified RYT200) Ik beschouw het als een voorrecht om steeds weer te mogen uitdragen wat me zelf zoveel rust, energie en levensvreugde schenkt! Namasté"

Bénédicte Devos

My story

 My name is Bénédicte,  inspirator of YogaTime.be. 

A couple of years ago, I was living a hectic life , juggling multiple tasks : striving to be a valued professional, a caring mother of four, an attentive wife, a loyal friend, a commited member of the local community... 

"Move ahead" and "squeeze-as-much-as-you-can into the day" were the maxims...wellknown by most of us in this fast-paced society.

I remember often being discouraged in the mornings, at the start of another day filled with tasks I didn't really choose...And in the evenings, being worn out and feeling 'never good enough'...ignoring the signs of 'dis-ease' my body sent me.

An unexpected move to Asia changed my life: not only it gave me a break from work and various commitments,... it gave me 'yoga' and with it 'new eyes'. I discovered how important it is to  connect with your whole self: body, mind & soul ! Selfcare & selflove are needed to become a better person to others, to be able to care for others in a better way!

Yoga helps me moving forward in life with more strenght and energy, with poise and flexibility ... accepting what life throws at me,  training the mind, being grateful, ... finding balance over and over again ... trying to be the best version of myself !

A continuing path to follow ... a fascinating way of living !

Namasté , Bénédicte

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